Posted: September 6, 2011 in Music

See this song performed live here (sadly missing the guitar stylings of Jason Poulsen of the Diatonics).

I could learn to be patient

I could learn to be kind

But if I had my way I’d

Kick and scream like a little child

If you don’t call (Repeat x 4)

I could be an alarm clock

For all the company I keep

Since the telephone became my enemy

She rings and rings and rings all night

In my sleep

When you don’t call (Repeat x 3)

When you don’t, when you don’t

I could give my heart away

I could sell my soul today

I could be untrue

For all the difference it would make to you

The things that I could say

But you know I’m not gonna stray

‘Cause your voice calls me in at night

It brings me home to sweet moonlight

When you call

When you call

Oh, won’t you call

So I can fall



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