Posted: September 6, 2011 in Music
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Finalist in the 2010 Calgary Folk Music Festival and Ship and Anchor Songwriting Contest – (Not) Grateful (Your) Dead category.

I dreamed I was a painting

Hanging up in some museum

A pretty oil on canvas

With pearl drop earrings and a

Hand draped ‘cross my neck


Sometimes I get so anxious

That I don’t have the things I’m supposed to want

Could’ve been the Forces’ Sweetheart

But I fell asleep, never

Got to hold the flag


Pretty little night owl

Oh won’t you go to bed

The wind is a-howling

Those stars are only in your head

The world ain’t been good to you,

She went and broke your heart in two

You’ll wake up when the sky is blue

– At least that’s what you said


It’s strange to see you stand here

So many years after the war;

It reminds me we’re both old now

You’re the ghost that haunts

The ghost that I’ve become


But I will stand here by you

‘Cause we’re from the same world, you and I

The world of endless twilight –

The bright moon’s all that’s keeping us alive


Oh won’t you take my hand now

Mr. Long-Gone and Far-Away

The darkness is calling

Only roman candles light your way

I got nothing left to give you

Since you done broke my heart in two

Come wake me when the sky is blue

Or leave me here for dead


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